Monday, August 29, 2016

Rule 2080 - #Expunge disputed records from #Brokercheck

Need to remove false or disputed claims from FINRA #brokercheck ?

Our recent post includes tips to help registered brokers get erroneous claims removed using FINRA #Rule2080 - Expungement

If you’re an advisor with a frivolous customer claim against you, you understand how much harder you now have to work to gain the trust of each and every client.  Some advisors have claims going back years from dropped cases which affect their earnings today. These advisors may find themselves in difficult situations where an investor feeling the sting of past losses tries to get recourse through a nuisance claim. Others investors may ”follow the herd” and assume their investment was mishandled the same as past clients. It’s an uphill battle and a hard one to win.

Whatever hardship past claims may be causing today, there is a solution for advisors that plan ahead and are willing to lose some of their sanity to hang on to their good reputation.

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